Certified M.S.P., Exp. 001-1-2846-2017

About Us

Doctor Ido Arman is the founding partner of La Villetta. To become a dentist and an MD, he studied and graduated both in Uruguay and in Italy. He always stood out for his professional curiosity, his interest in the wellbeing of patients and his entrepreneurial spirit. Driven by the experiences and accounts of some of his patients, during the first years of the new century he visited and scouted many advanced and renowned assisted living facilities in Italy and other European countries. He could see firsthand the best practices of those centers and learn how and why some of them excelled in the quality of their services.

With that inspiration, he returned to Uruguay and decided to offer something different and unique in Punta del Este. This is how the idea of creating La Villetta was born, a one-of-a-kind assisted living facility. In 2012 La Villetta opened its doors, becoming the first assisted living boutique style facility in the eastern part of Uruguay, an assisted living facility for seniors where each resident is known by her name and affection is a central part of recognizing the uniqueness of each person.

¿Why La Villetta?

Clase Mundial
World Class

We are a premium assisted living facility for senior adults, spacious, modern and secure, located in the center of Punta del Este, in a privileged natural setting close to commercial and health services, with easy access and parking. A world class facility with the warmth of home.

Instalaciones de primer nivel
Superior Facilities

Our facilities were designed by skilled professionals and equipped with the same type of fittings used in the best assisted living facilities in Europe. Although we only have two levels, access to our second level is thru an elevator.

Cuidados Personalizados
Personal Care

Our staff is qualified and trained to provide the best possible care, with the respect, timeliness and follow-up that each resident deserves. All services described in this webpage are included in the monthly fee of each resident.

Alimentos Seleccionados
Selected food

In our team we have a professional chef and a specialized nutritionist, who select the best quality ingredients and use them based on personal preferences and/or the medical conditions of each resident. Food is also included in the monthly fee of each resident.

Cupos limitados
Limited availability

The number of residents that we admit is limited, to guarantee the best dedication and attention that each resident requires. We respect the privacy of each resident and her family, and we promote the interaction required for a fulfilling and independent life.

Rehabilitación Profesional
Professional Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is an important part of the services that we include and provide to each resident. From essential routines to the most specific rehabilitation, we also have a climatized indoor pool for personalized exercises and training.

  • G. C. (daughter)

    We are really pleased with the evolution that our mother had with her disorders and even though we know she will not return to normal, she no longer lives in a state of anger and irritation. Today she can interact, and she understands when we talk to her, something she was not able to do for a long time. No doubts that this positive progress must be attributed to the professional support and capabilities of the team that this assisted living facility has.

  • M. S. (wife)

    The improvement that my husband made in dealing with his pathology has been truly remarkable, he is calmer, with glycemia under control and regular eating and resting. He even started to slowly recover his ability to walk, something he had previously lost. For all these and other reasons we are very grateful to La Villetta.